Monday, November 5, 2007

that hat

i understand that its slightly -- or maybe more than slightly -- ridiculous, but i want that hat. every time i see one at the store, i try it on, stand in front of the mirror, and fight the urge to actually walk up to the register and buy it. if i didnt think people would laugh at me as soon as i came in sight with that hat on, i would most definitely buy it. maybe i will anyway and wear it for playing in the snow or just uh...wearing around the house.

on another note...i really like her scarf. and on another note...this is a really cool picture, with the trees in the background and the shadows from the trees..


ida.ho said...

full asians are so little and so cute! and I think you should def. get this hat. or else i will.

Meg Duffy said...

get the hat....what is your wardrobe without that hat?????