Monday, November 12, 2007


gurl she be lookin so classy,
but when she gets political
she can be a lil bit sassy
bousta cut her hair so short
she dont even need a tassi
as the best kinda friend
she be more loyaler than lassie.
got hair a natural brown
so its never lookin brassy
true lady that she is
she dont ever get gassy
yep thats pretty nasty
voice is crystal clear
always pronunciatin and never raspy.
runnin outta rhymes to say
better stop 'for i appear too flashy.

i have a friend named melissa. she inspires me to be classy. her hair is classy, her trench is classy, she is classy. not only that, she eats a even a piece of little ceasars like she it is high-class cuisine, wears a $12 D.I. find like its couture, and she knows about politics, classic literature, and opera. what a woman. what a classy woman.


Miss Melissa said...

youre too sweet.
but thats a killer rhyme.

ida.ho said...

yeah you got missa TO A TEE!! that's right, i gave her those moves.

sweet rhyme rommy.

Meg Duffy said...

I think this is my favorite post anyone has ever posted.... Brooke did you make up that rhyme... hall of fame quality!!!!!