Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i recently went on a shopping trip in berkeley with BFF kel-kel. it was quite glorious, we caught up, talked of old times, and did two of my favorite things- shopped and ate.

first we went to urban outfitters, which is in a particularly cool berkeley-style building. but considering i had just gone there the day before in SF, i didnt buy anything.
next we went to a store called futura(first picture), where i bought a graphic print hoodie (blogged about below) and some purple jeans.

(i didnt actually buy this jacket)
next we went to a store called Mars...a vintage store that is pretty much like they scoured 125900 thrift stores and took all of the actually cute items, bought them, and resold them more expensive. still cheaper than a regular store though..and much cooler. i bought 4 really cool scarves there for $10 total. they are all different colors and have unique patterns etc.

the trip wouldnt have been complete without a stop in the hipster favorite, american apparel. although their jackets are soft and comfortable, i think they are a little overly hyped and overly priced...but we went anyway...i had a goal of finding some plum and grey colored tights, but i was unsuccessful in my search.

we also made a stop in wet seal and a bought a gray vest there, but that was otherwise uneventful.
i had to rush home to take a family christmas picture, but i wish i coulda spent more time in berkeley- with so many unique and cool shops there, i could spend at least a week!


sodapop said...

because i care. shout outs to berkeley and walnut creek, the e.r.c. loves you. i like what you did with the sign.

Anonymous said...

berkeley's amazing :) I'm glad you enjoyed your trip

ida.ho said...

cute i love everthing and i want to go here with you some day okay?