Friday, October 19, 2007

last week i wrote an article for my college newspaper about fall fashion. trying to keep things simple and appeal to the masses, heres some of what i came up with:


With the leaves turning warm shades of ruby and gold and the air turning crisp, the time has come to pull out the coziest of sweaters, scarves and boots.
Fall is one of the most anticipated seasons for fashionistas across the globe, as the cool weather gives opportunity to mix and match one's wardrobe in a plethora of ways.
This year in particular, fall is an opportunity to put a twist on simple summer favorites by adding a layer underneath or an extra accessory on top.
"You can wear all of the same dresses and tops from spring and summer by layering them with turtlenecks and tights with flats or boots," said Courtney Bledsoe of The Flower Basket Boutique.
Fashion experts agree that this season is all about looking chic, elegant, crisp and clean. "Everything is classy, sleek and streamline," said Caitlin Wilson, a BYU graduate and buyer for The Flower Basket. Styles this season are less eclectic and more Chanel and French inspired, she added.
"This summer it was all about putting on everything in your closet," Bledsoe said. "Now outfits are more simple and it's about wearing one delicate necklace and one or two gold or silver bracelets."


"The color scheme this fall is elegant and wealthy looking. … It's all about saturated, rich colors," said Rebecca Neely, owner of Mode Boutique.
Jewel tones dominate this season. Cobalt blue, fuchsia and plum are the "it" colors, particularly for show-stopping dresses and coats.
Gray replaces black this season as the No. 1 neutral, varying in shades from charcoal to pewter. As opposed to black, this color serves as a less harsh backdrop to fall's other bright colors.
The metallic trend continues, whether it is a silver sequined dress or a small bronze clutch. The key to wearing metallic without over-doing it is to limit one metallic item per outfit.


Jeans come in two extremes this season.
For a new, edgy look try a '70s-inspired pant with a high waist and wide-leg. Pair these statement-making jeans with a simple, traditional blouse, tucked in and completed with a skinny belt.
Skinny jeans are at the other extreme, continuing to be a fashionable denim option when paired with a flowy or more voluminous top.
"Skinny jeans are almost being worn like leggings, where the shirt is the main feature of the outfit," said Courtney Bledsoe, a BYU junior.
Another item that goes well with skinny jeans, Neely said, is a jacket with bell sleeves.
Neely also said dark, raw and untreated denim is the most popular look for this season. "People are totally getting away from distressed denim," Neely said. "Cheap Monday jeans, for example, are huge. They have no treatments and are completely raw denim."


Oxford heels are one of the most popular shoe styles of the moment.
Other trends include Mary Jane platforms, metallic and patent leather shoes, and flat boots. Eighties-inspired booties and ankle boots also remain in style from last fall. Flats can be winterized when they are paired with thick, textured tights.


but, in reality, the fashion world is months ahead (6 months ahead, to be exact)...and, as much as i cant wait to wear all of my recent layered looks for winter, these spring looks are quite enticing....

i love the simplicity of the color pallet and cuts of the Abaete spring line:

in contrast, alberta ferretti has a variety of shades ranging from sunbursting coral to cool granite:

the line also included high-class brocades and metallics worthy of an evening among high-society:

BCBG Max Azria remains a favorite, with their cool slate tones and delicate feminine fabrics:

i love love looove the elegance of this do.ri dress:

MaxAzria's puts a modern twist on '80s color-blocking, making it look chic and classy:

philosophy's airy line presents nautical stripes in a fresh, light way:

and finally, wunderkind's spring 08 line is as whimsical as its name, continuing the neon trend - in a much smaller dosage- and pairing cooky prints in muted pallets:


Coby said...

I just bought a pair of jeans. They are so dark blue that they are almost black, in fact I think they are black. But they have a design on the back pocket which I don't really love. Maybe they'll be my metallic.

Miss Maclaine said...

Love love love the post. Great job brooke!

So, I have two questions for you. I've been having the HARDEST time finding good pants. I know most women have this problem, but I feel like all of the stores are being especially mean to me right now. I can't find anything!
So, (1) where do I go to find a good pair of skinny jeans?
and (2) What do you think about wide leg slacks? Are they only acceptable if they have a high waist?

Meg Duffy said...

I like this post.. this si giving me good ideas for when I go to DI for my once-a-year shopping spree... it's about time, I wear the same thign to church every sunday and people are starting to notice.... also I posted that story you wanted to read... it's called "Part One".

brooke said...

dear miss maclaine,
(haha i feel like a Q&A columnist or something)
well, i cant say that i have been successful in buying new skinny jeans lately- serious i alternate between 2 pairs- one pair of simple, dark blue, clean and crisp ones from forever 21, and the other - the gray pair from old navy that you also own. (i wish i had that pair in every color!)
but yeah i havent found any good new ones lately...
as for wide-leg slacks, i bought a pair of denim trouser jeans from target that i like a lot, they're not high waisted, but i sometimes tuck my shirt into them to get the high waist illusion without actually having one..ya know? sooo yeah, haha...i hope you have found this helpful.

Miss Maclaine said...

Thanks Brooke! That was totally helpful. I really wish that they still carried those old navy jeans though! I wear them all the time, I think people probably think that they are the only thing I own. But I think that I will venture out and get some wide legged ones!