Monday, October 29, 2007

i bought new jeans today.

buying jeans is a rare thing for me. i stress over trying on jeans and often times i pick up a pair just to carry it around the store, and then dread actually trying them on so much that i just put them down. but once in a blue moon i spot a pair among the masses that i know will be just perfect from the first glance. that happened to me today- and the best part is...they were $10!!! I bought two pair of jeans in fact. two pairs of beautiful, raw denim, originally $100, quality levis- for a grand total of $21.38!! amazing.

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Meg Duffy said...

i get jans at old navy, I love then there... I love, love, love them... but they are never 10 dolars, so I havn't bought a new cute pair of jeans for a long time, I am glad this happened to you.. you deserve all the happiness in the world.