Tuesday, August 21, 2007

so just as i said i have nothing to blog about...well, today i went to target and, as is often the case with target, i just found gem after gem, all at extremely affordable prices, making it guiltless and just...amazing!

first off, i have been on the look-out for a cute, urban outfitters-style hoodie for season after season. i am not the biggest jean-and-sweatshirt kinda girl, so when i invest in a hoodie, it has to be exaaactly what im looking for. ive seen a few cute ones at urban outfitters, but they were all over 50 dollars and i just wasnt interested in spending that much. i bought a striped hoodie at H&M last winter, but it just didnt quite satisfy me the way i hoped. but i entered target today, strolled passed the libertine section, some so-so maxi dresses, and then BAM. there they were. some adooorable graphic hoodies in every adorable shade. its the jacket of my dreams. i took every single color to the dressing room, and ended up not being able to decide between 2, so i bought them both! at 19.99 each! amazing.

another item ive been on the hunt for for quite some time is a good pair of wide-leg jeans...every pair ive tried on has been too long, too baggy, too high-waisted, just...not right. but then i found this pair at target for just 26.99! and they're perfect!


ida.ho said...

ditto! only i have not found a golden pair like you have. just waiting for the moment when my heart slows and my feet jump, but no jeans have done that yet. uh, except for my strawberry red ones, but those a skinny's :]

nie nie said...

i just wanted to thank you for that lovely post...you are a very lovely, smart person



Kayla said...

my sister got the white/gray hoodie from target. she loves it.
and i looooove the trouser jeans. I wish I could pull it off though. I think I'm gonna stick to skinny/straight jeans for a while *sigh*

brooke said...

ida- you got red skinnies?? i tried some on at old navy and they just werent workin for me. i still need to join the brown jeans club too...and i want purpleish. i have some work to do..good thing i have H&M and forever on hand!

Anonymous said...

Model them, silly.

They look boring on the ground.

brooke said...

i believe, NOAH, that you should either put your name when you comment or not comment at all! same as being a lurker.