Monday, August 13, 2007

no matter how many pairs of sunglasses i have, im never quite satisfied. im always looking for THE perfect pair, that has the perfect original, yet flattering shape, in a funky but not too crazy style.
these are the latest pair i have my eye on. i love the flat-top aviator style and the unique snake skin frame on top, and they look like they could be just about the perfect size for my face. (i was even more convinced that i must have them when i saw some big hairy guy on an MTV commercial with the same pair.)

these ones are close runners-up. the funky minty green color is just too fun to pass up.


Emma said...

This blog is extremely awesome. Exchange links?

Kelly said...

So uhhhhhh I broke those "stunna" that i wore in that one pic where you said "yo stunnas are getting bigger"