Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i have another blog recommendation, this time regarding the lovely sfgirlbybay. this girl calls herself a san francisco girl with "bohemian modern style." just reading this makes me want to go to my home in the bay and explore all of the places that she recommends. it also makes me realize how i took for granted the first 18 years of my life, by not getting out there and seeing all of the cool sights or soaking up all of the culture that is to be had in the bay area.
sfgirlbybay devotes her blog to giving readers links to the hippest art galleries, the most delicatable restaurants, and the most intriguing independent magazines.

some of my favorites were the likes of this photography website, or this amaaazingly electic interior design site, or this cool poster shop, or (more) awesome graphics/fabric, she also reminded me of a music website i used to frequent, but had forgotten about for awhile.

and here is her site.

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