Thursday, July 19, 2007

shopping deprived!

dear fashion-bloggers and online shoppers,
i work full-time as a website support and data team management leader- AKA- i do nothing, at this point in my "career." i sit at my desk, in solitude, and explore the wide world of the web. all day, every day. i post blogs, i read blogs, frequent,,,, and
but im getting bored. very, very bored.
SO, if any of you people out there have some online shopping suggestions, i would LOVE to hear about it. tell me about your favorite stores- maybe some unique, obscure boutique website, or maybe some H&M equivalent that i, for some reason, have been missing out on.
please, help a girl in need!


Dilemma said...

You should consider making a livejournal and then just join a bunch of fashion communities[whatiworetoday, newestwrinkle, runwaycity]. I wouldn't post in them though, the people are usually pretty rude to everyone. haha.

oh and cutxpaste has a TON of online shopping links

Hope this helps a bit!

Anonymous said...

Hi. It's Kelly Ly. You really do suck at answering your phone, and I know you check this religiously...but I am saving up money for a "back to school" shopping spree. When you're back in Cali...come to Pacific and we'll go to the Arden Mall. It'll be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

i hear there is another awesome fashion blog called youregoodlookin i donno... maybe youd like it. haha you should blog about his blog blogging him right in the bloggin face. blog off.

Anonymous said...