Friday, July 13, 2007

my interest in fashion has left me with a natural inclination to invent my own clothing ideas. instead of the usual nonsensical in-class doodling, i sketch new designs to pass the time. and whenever i go to walmart, i take a trip to the fabric section just to dream of the clothes that i could make with the plethora of fabrics.
tv shows like project runway and "i have nothing to wear" (new on TLC) have churned up an even greater desire to execute my ideas by finally learning how to sew. i even signed up for a sewing class once, but alas, things didnt quite happen.
now, however, my desire is strongly renewed- so much that now i feel i absolutely MUST learn how to sew. and its all thanks to this girl. introduced me to her- her name is caitlin- and her profile showcases her latest sewing projects. the sweet, simple, elegant, classy designs make learning to sew an absolute necessity for me now. thank you, caitlin, for that final boost of motivation!


Maddy said...

The dress in the second picture and the shirt in the third picture are from a Built By Wendy pattern. I highly recommend those to beginning sewers, although there are many other beginner-friendly patterns made by Simplicity.

Anonymous said...

i highly recommend wearing one poncho for the rest of your life. and dedicating your talents to things that really matter, and not vanity.

brooke said...

well well, someone's a hater. i hate trying to guess who these people are. but im assuming its people i know in real life. glenn, maybe?