Tuesday, July 10, 2007

she's lookin good: hanalei

this year i was privileged to meet a girl with the same passion for fashion that i myself possess. a love of vogue, forever 21, H&M, and urban outfitters may have brought us to one another- but it wasnt the only thing that held us together.
hanalei is in italy now, rubbing shoulders with handsome men, snapping pictures of fashionable women, and eating pasta and gelato to her heart's content. what a life.
in memory of this friend, i wanted to showcase hanalei's excellent fashion sense, but i discovered that i dont have many quality pictures of her wardrobe, and since she is in another country, there's not much i can do about that now.
so here you have it. the best i could do to give you a little taste of miss hanalei ho's effortless casual chic.


Kayla said...

oh i love hanalei. she's so cute.

and that reminds me...brooke, i'm turning into you when it comes to shopping. :) i just bought this great dress from forever 21 yesterday that i'm wearing right now with black leggings...all the ladies at work are calling me 80s retro, which in a sense, i guess i am, but i guess i'll have to show you a picture for you to get the full affect. plus, i bought, *gasp* bigger sunglasses....kinda like your kind of sunglasses! they're fantastic. also from f21. i'll post pictures....

Anonymous said...



brooke said...


thank you, my good woman