Thursday, June 7, 2007

my wish list

looking at so many fashion blogs, online stores, and just livin life in general makes me want so many things lately...these items in particular:
new sunglasses, since ive broken 92380 pair..but i dont need to feel bad since i spend approximately $3.00 per pair.

a pencil/high-waisted skirt. actually, everything about this girl's outfit is adorable. so clean, classic, yet trendy.

a light-weight scarf that is more like a hankerchief, that i can wear to dress up a basic tee, and not look silly in the summer time. ive been trying to figure out how to pull this one off for awhile.

a loose, baggy tee. and more sunglasses.

flip-flips with a back strap.

a strapless dress to wear under a baggy shrug.


ida.ho said...

nice sandals...i'm pretty sure i have those in gold! and i love the oversized tee with leggings, and dont worry we will find a way to wear that scarf and look goood.

Anonymous said...

brooke what on eeeaaarrttthhhh is this?

brookiebee843 said...

who on eeeaaaarth are you?

Maclaine said...

Brooke, I have to say that 1) you are my fashion idol and 2) that this is the best blog discovery I've had in a while. Wow, thanks for the fun and inspiring reads.

Isabel said...

Love your blog - let's trade links!

Kayla said...

brooke, i miss your style tips every morning before we go to school. i'm lost without you. haha. but, you've definitely had an impact on my clothing choices...i go shopping now and think, "what would brooke say about this outfit?" :) it definitely helps.